Artificial Flowers

Beautiful Alternatives

Make your day special with our exquisite silk wedding flowers, which make beautiful alternatives to real flowers.

At Enchanted Floristry, we also create stunning floral displays using incredibly realistic artificial flowers. These can be incorporated in to displays alongside real flowers or used on their own to provide high quality, sturdy displays.

Benefits Of Faux

No matter what the season, you can always get the flower that you want throughout the year with faux flowers, they can be an exact colour match for your scheme and will last forever. The beauty of artificial flowers is that they can be a more cost-effective option. They are eco-friendly, easy to maintain in any climate, easier to transport, don’t require watering, don’t wilt, aren’t delicate and are perfect for anyone with any allergies.

Our luxurious silk wedding flowers are arranged with the utmost care and attention to detail in our own distinctive style for buttonholes, bouquets and table arrangements.


One great advantage of artificial flowers in that you can get them further in advance so it is one thing you do not have to worry about in the last-minute preparations.

You may even wish to have silk flower bouquets repurposed after your wedding in to a different floral display to keep. Or better still create a new heirloom and pass on your bouquet to your children.

Take a look at our gallery of unique designs and contact us to make see how we can design something perfect for your occasion.